About Us

ATCON is a team of professionals who offers designing and technical consultancy both for the civil and industrial sectors. We can answer a wide range of building services design, such as:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning



Fire safety systems

We are a young, passionate and dynamic team, dedicated to our clients’ needs, ready to meet the technical and legislative standards of the building sector in Romania.

Since 2013, when our company was founded, we have gained experience in a domain which is in a permanent process of changing and regulating. Our specialists keep up with the latest innovations and developments in building services, successfully integrating the newest and most efficient solutions in our designs. Furthermore, our high standard of technical consultancy ensures the best performances of our clients’ equipment.

The company conducts the project design from the stage of feasibility study or building permit to the stage of carrying out the execution details of the building services, offers technical consultancy throughout the project implementation and gives our clients expert advice on various equipment systems.

We are present both in Bucharest and everywhere else in the country, having the willingness and the means to become involved in projects in all the counties of Romania.

Our success in this business environment is also due to the network of partners which our company has developed. To cope with the demands and requirements of the market, our extended team can offer complete solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.